June 2018:

      On the 3rd of June, early in the morning

     The KP troops gathered despite the few yawning,

     The sun was shining bright down at Albert Park Lake

     Which made it a lot easier for the team to partake

     The morning of the MS Walk and Fun Run

found us all patiently waiting for the fire of the air gun

Shortly after it sounded, we were out on the lake

Already imagining rewarding ourselves with cake

There were hundreds of runners and walkers as well

Smiles all round as I’m sure you can tell

Whether it was finishing the 5 or 10K

the general consensus was that it was a fantastic day

In total $10,000 was raised by the Kidmans team

An excellent first major fundraising effort it would definitely seem

Melbourne raised a total of $558,508 as a whole

Which certainly is an extraordinary goal

On the whole it was a successful day for all that came

With a central goal we all conclusively held being the same,

To raise fund for those suffering from MS in Australia

Until next year, we will aim to better this years efforts without failure!

The team at Kidmans Partners would like to thank Carol Cooke (AM) and the Count Charitable Foundation for their support.