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14-Jan-2015 goRoster

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7 Reasons Why You Might Be Losing Customers

Take a moment to imagine you’ve been given the task of being a mystery shopper for one night. Your job is to go in and assess multiple aspects of a venue: its employees, its food and beverage, the decor, the atmosphere – the works.

14-Jan-2015 Vend

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5 Key Ingredients of a Winning Loyalty Program

Retailers and consumers alike are huge fans of loyalty programs, and for good reason. For merchants, loyalty programs drive repeat spending and encourage customers who buy once to return again and again.

14-Jan-2015 Duncan Cotterill

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Health and safety in the white collar workplace

The Government’s campaign for health and safety reform has made it clear that there is an increased focus on high risk industries such as forestry, agriculture, manufacturing and construction.

11-Jan-2015 Xero

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Welcome to Xero software

Xero accounting software is designed to revolutionise the way small businesses manage their finances.

03-Nov-2014 goRoster

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Top 10 Tips For Happy Employees

The level of employee retention within a business is always a good testament to the management team.

03-Aug-2014 James & Wells

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Innovative Concept Development: the Life Cycle Series video

With the spotlight on agribusiness and food technology sectors, we're leading the conversation about the life cycle of innovative ideas.

Presented by Senior Associate Jonathan Lucas and Catalyst Ltd Director, Janes Lancaster, this video highlights how to develop products and services with a long term vision, ensuring sustainable success.

07-Jul-2014 Receipt Bank

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Receipt Bank: Adding Bank Accounts

Receipt Bank allows you to add in details of your bank accounts and payment methods in order to help us categorise your receipts and invoices even more efficiently!


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